Larry was born in New York City in 1927, the only child of parents whose origins were Poland and Russia, and in 1931 found himself in Shanghai, China where his father manufactured the first fur-felt hats for men in China. Larry lived in China until 1941, experienced the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in 1937, (during which time his obsession was wandering through the battlefields collecting all kinds of militaria) the sinking of the USS Panay, and departed on the last ship out before the Pearl Harbor attack. The ship was later sunk off the Solomon Islands.

High School was in Escondido, California, where Larry lived on a 300 acre hog ranch, near the homes of Randolph Scott, Fred Astaire, and Dutch Kindelberger of North American Aviation, maker of the P-51 Mustang and the B-25 Mitchell, learning trapping, hunting, and taxidermy.
1945 was a year in the Navy, mostly in Washington, D.C., and college followed at the University of Virginia and Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. After graduation, during the Korean War, Larry was back in the Navy where he served two years in naval aviation in Pensacola, Florida, and on the aircraft carrier USS Monterey, CVL-26, on which former president Gerald Ford served during World War II.

From 1953 through 1959 Larry managed a factory in San Juan, Puerto Rico manufacturing Silk Skin girdles, whose ardent wearers included actress Joan Crawford. During those years Larry and his wife raised four daughters, and his passion was spearfishing the Caribbean reefs during which time he speared the Western Hemisphere record Moray Eel.

In 1960 the family moved to North Palm Beach, Florida, where Larry became a builder and realtor, constructing upwards of 500 homes.

1968 was the year of the move to California. Larry was briefly involved in several fast food franchises and a TV magazine, but eventually returned to construction and built homes and apartments in Palm Springs, Ojai, Oxnard, and Santa Barbara, ending his building career with a 40 home tract in Lompoc called The Landings.

Today Larry owns and manages apartment complexes and shopping centers in several California cities, does daily aerobics at Spectrum Gym, travels the world, pursues his passions of Macintosh computers, (now using a Mac Pro with two 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 processors, with a 30 inch flat monitor)
designing and improving this website, taping war movies, (now searching for VHS version of "Mussolini", starring George C. Scott) and collecting military and police hats from all over the world. He started with a German WW2 panzer officer cap, which was in the window of a local antique shop, and now has hats from almost everywhere. Often, through the internet, he trades hats with faraway collectors! Current fascination: Generals, Admirals, international police chief hats, finding hats from exciting new countries, especially countries not on his site, and collecting legal automatic weapons of WW2,

Recent years have been exciting travel times during which Larry has visited Eqypt, Turkey, Jordan, South Africa, Morocco, India, Nepal, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Tibet, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, and Russia! . In June 2004, while again visiting the D Day Beaches in Normandy, France, Larry added a new page for this site depicting highlights of the invasion. Later in 2004 Larry visited the new museum in San Diego, California where the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV41) is on permanent exhibit. He took a bunch of great photos throughout the ship and made a new page for this website. Recently, on a trip to Russia, Larry had the good fortune to meet retired Rear Admiral Bill Harris, who commanded the Midway in the early seventies! In June 2004, while in London, Larry visited the famous British WW2 cruiser, HMS Belfast, which took part in the sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst, took part in the June 6, 1944 invasion of Normandy, France, where she fired the first salvos into the beaches, and is now a permanent floating museum on the river Thames off London Bridge. Pictures were taken and placed on this site for your enjoyment! In September, 2004, when on a trip to Turkey and Greece, Larry visited the National War museums in Istanbul and Athens and has made new pages for this site reflecting the contents of the museums. In January 2005 Larry visited Thailand and Burma and saw the site of the Bridge on the River Kwai where numerous Allied POWs were forced to build the infamous bridge for the Japanese. Larry visited the war museum there and took photos for a new page for this website. In March 2005 Larry visited the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California and the Aerospace Museum in San Diego, California and made two great new pages for this site showing aircraft from the days of the Wright brothers to modern day space modules. In May 2005 Larry visited the islands of Malta and Sicily in the Mediterranean, both of which figured in World War 2. In September 2005 Larry visited Croatia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia, and Montenegro, and saw the destruction caused by the Serbia war. In December 2005 Larry visited Costa Rica. In March 2006 he went to Iwo Jima, Saipan, Tinian, Guam and Pearl Harbor. May 2006 Spain, (where Larry contracted a staph infection in his foot which hospitalized him upon returning home) Portugal, and the island of Madeira. In July 2006 Larry went to London on Eagle Tours and spent 10 days touring the WW2 air fields, museums, and air shows! Another great page for this site may be seen! In October 2006 Larry visited Nova Scotia, and Cape Cod. In November 2006 Larry drove to Tucson, Arizona and saw the Pima Air & Space Museum. In April, 2007 Larry visited England, Scotland and Wales. In July, 2007 he took a river cruise from Kiev, in the Ukraine, to Yalta on the Black Sea where the 1945 conference occurred between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Later in July, 2007, he visited Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands and Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands. In September 2007 Larry saw Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Tallinn. In January 2008 Larry did a tour of the Philippines, including Manila, Bataan, Corregidor, and the prison camp at Cabanatuan, after which he made an exciting new page for this website. A highlight of the trip was viewing and photographing General Douglas MacArthur's famous penthouse suite at the Manila Hotel!

InIn October 2008 Larry visited Israel for the first time! What a wonderful country! In March 2009 Larry flew to Budapest, Hungary, and cruised the Danube River, stopping in Serbia, Bulgaria, and on to Bucharest, Romania, but missed seeing Transylvania, the birhplace of dear Count Dracula!

IIn November 2009 Larry saw Barcelona, Palermo, Cyprus, Alexandria, Port Said, Rhodes, and Athens, while on a Mediterranean cruise, and saw the museum and cemeteries at El Alamein, Egypt where the final Battle of North Africa was fought between German Field Marshal Rommel and British Field Marshal Montgomery.

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