Larry with King Tiger, Belgium

 German 65 ton King Tiger 2

 German 56 ton Tiger 1




 German Panzers, Belgium

U.S. Sherman, France

 Fokker WWI, Von Richtofen




British Churchill Crocodile

 Russian T-34

 German 88, Normandy

 General George Patton's grave

 German bunker, Normandy

 Graves of Wittmann and crew
Gen.George Patton's grave in Luxembourg. He had wanted to
be buried with the men of his 3rd
Army, many of whom died in the Battle of the Bulge in Dec.,
'44. Patton's fantasy was to die
by the last bullet of the last war,
but ironically was fatally injured
in a car crash in Germany just
after the European war ended.
Constructed by Field Marshal Rommel to protect against the allied invasion of France in June1944. Rommel's premise was that Germany could only win the war if the allies were stopped at the beaches, but the Germans were overrun by the superior number of men the allies threw into the battle on June 6, 1944, called The Longest Day.

 German Tiger tank ace Michael
Wittmann destroyed 138 allied
tanks before being killed on Aug. 8, 1944, along with his 20 year old tankmates, by Trooper Elkins, gunner of a 17 pdr, (90mm) in a British Sherman Firefly tank of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry, who fired one shot at Wittmann's tank, causing a great flash and explosion, blowing the Tiger's turret off and hurling it 50 feet! Wittmann, personally decorated by Hitler and married just a few months earlier, is buried in a German cemetery , alongside his tankers, near Caen, France.



 German Siegfried Line

 Malmedy massacre memorial

 SS Capt. Michael Wittmann

 British Supermarine Spitfire

Capt. Rogge of German raider Atlantis

 German ME-109 fighter

 German Jagdpanther

 General Rommel's uniforms

 Sachsenhausen Death Camp

 Sachsenhausen toilets

 Sachsenhausen ovens

 Sachsenhausen front gate

 Russian T34 tank

 German V-1 Rocket bomb

 German V-2 Rocket

 German U-Boat, U-995

 U-Boat crew quarters, U-995

 U-Boat torpedo room, U-995

 U-Boat radio room, U-995

 American Douglas DC-3

 American F-86 Sabre Jet

 Berlin site of Hitler's remains
 German Penemunde Rocket site

Berlin's Brandenberg Gate

 Mitsubishi A6 Zero fighter

General Rommel's Batton
 General Rommel