The SS Jerimiah O'Brien was launched in 1943, as an original Liberty Ship BUILT IN 56 DAYS in the mass production plan of WW2 to provide arms and supplies to our overseas allies in spite of the U-Boat menace. During WW2 there were 18 yards building Liberty Ships for the Merchant Marine in the U.S. wherein one third of the work force were women.

The O'Brien served throughout WW2, and today is the only intact, seaworthy ship of its kind which participated in the 6,000 ship D-Day armada in June of 1944. She is moored at Pier 45, San Francisco, California, and may be toured by the public. I was aboard in August, 2001, and took the following photos for your pleasure!

Starboard bow view
View of forward deck area from bridge
Topside steering area
Lifeboats, starboard side
Engine Room
Engine piston connecting rods
Forward deck loading area
Forward deck gun
20mm antiaircraft gun in concrete pit
Radio Room
Pilot House
Navigation Control
Captain's Office
Captain's bunk