USS Pampanito is a WW2 Balao class fleet submarine built in 1943. She made 6 patrols during WW2 in which she sank 6 Japanese ships, damaged 4 others, with a total of 27,000 tons of enemy shipping sunk.

Length: 312 feet, Displacement: 2,415 tons submerged. Complement: 10 officers, 70 enlisted.Torpedo tubes:10. Deck guns: one 5", one 40mm antiaircraft, one 20mm antiaircraft. Maximum speed: 23 knots surfaced, 11 knots submerged. Operating depth: 600 feet.

The Pampanito is permanently berthed at Pier 45, San Francisco, California, and is a museum which may be toured by the public. I went aboard in August, 2001, and took the following pictures for your pleasure!

Pampanito, bow view
Pampanito, stern view
Forward torpedo Room
Forward torpedo area
Engine control area
Engine room
Crew bunks
Crew Mess
Main Control Room
Control Room
Ship's Office
Officer Quarters
Captain's Cabin
Officers Wardroom
Crew bunks over torpedos
Forward torpedo tubes
5" main deck gun
20mm antiaircraft gun
Rear view of 5" deck gun
Aft view of 40mm antiaircraft gun